Yoga For All

Sandy Bay's very own yoga class for both men and women of all ages and abilities!

Sandy Bay Residential Park - Yoga4all Club

Yoga for all residents of Sandy Bay, the class is available for both men and woman of all ages and abilities, and is adaptable for all.

Your yoga instructor, is Stephanie Firth from the Yoga4all Foundation. The Yoga4all Foundation was set up to give everyone access to yoga regardless of age, ability or financial situation.


The yoga classes have been organised by the SBPRA committee member Kaz Duffield, please come along and support her work in forming the yoga club.

The lessons are held in the undercover bar area adjacent to the Sandy Bay Bar, please bring along a mat, water and £5.00 cash to pay for the class. If you have not got a yoga mat, then don't worry as loan mats are available to use.

Please arrive a few minutes or so earlier to help move the tables and seating in order to make a space for the yoga activties.


Important: If you are coming to the lessons for the first time, you will be asked to complete a health & safety questionnaire. Please arrive 15 minutes early in order to complete the questionnaire.


Please note, this a six week trial to determine if there is enough demand from residents to offer a regular yoga class(es).

The trial will run from Friday 7th June to Friday 12th July 2024. If you want to make yoga lessons a permanent fixture on the Sandy Bay keep fit scene, then please support the Yoga Club and come to the lessons.

As well as learning and practicing yoga, there will be another chance to join fellow residents and neighbours in a social event, while stretching and creating a harmony and balance within the body through the development of strength and flexibility. This is achieved through controlled poses or postures alongside efficient and relaxed breathing. 


Adult Woman


For more information on Yoga4all in Southeast Essex, including Basildon, Leigh-on-Sea, Hockley, Rayleigh and Southend-on-Sea visit their website using the link below.

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This page is the home of yoga on the SBPRA website, please check regularly for any news and updates on the activities on offer or being arranged.