Social, Family & Local History Group

In conjunction with Canvey Thameside u3a group

Dear Residents,

Do you want to learn about the social and local history of Canvey Island, or learn more about your ancestors, then the Canvey Thameside u3a Social and Local History Group could be of interest to you.

 Although run by Paul Bancroft of the Canvey Thameside u3a Group, several Sandy Bay residents are already members of the group. Meetings are held in the Sandy Bay Bar & Restaurant on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am on a four-weekly basis.

Residents are welcome to come along and join the group and see what they do, you might even be able to share some of your experiences with them. There are drinks and a social meeting before the meeting proper, please bring along the money for teas and coffees. 

 Previous discussions have included a variety of subjects, such as a look at Canvey pubs that are no longer with us, and various local history topics.

 Future subjects include DNA testing and family tracing, the causes of why your ancestors passed on into the history books and past Canvey businesses, such as Egans, Prouts, the town centre cinema, etc.


There are, due to demands for membership, two u3a groups on Canvey, Thameside and Canvey Island, residents do not have to join a u3a group to attend the Social, Family and Local History Group. The u3a groups run many diverse types of clubs, if you are interested in more information on the u3a or joining one of the groups then Paul Bancroft can help.

There is information on the Canvey Island Groups on the SBPRA website, click on the link to navigate to the u3a information.