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Below you will find some useful pointers to help you navigate this website.  We have tried to make the website as easy to navigate as possible but we are always happy to consider suggestions for improvement.  If you have any feedback, please email us at


The Headlines section on the Home Page is constantly being updated with the latest Sandy Bay info, events, and anything going on in the local area.  Check back regularly to keep up to date.  Click on the links in the headlines to get further detail about each item.

For information about the Residents Association, the Committee, the Street Champions, and the associated Forms, go to About Us

The Contacts section provides names, telephone numbers and email addresses for both Sandy Bay and local Tradespeople.

To find out everything that's going on, visit the Activities pages.  Here you will find details of all the regular clubs and events, details of any coach trips being organised, an Events calendar with details of everything happening on a daily basis, and info about the Canvey Island u3a.

The Noticeboard is just what you would expect.  Notices are posted here regularly so it's always worth having a look through for Residents Association and Sandy Bay Management updates, and general information relating to Sandy Bay and local areas.

Under Useful Info you will find sub sections for information relating to Sandy Bay (e.g. pool and bar opening and closing times), important updates from the Residents Association and Sandy Bay Management, park maps, and links to other information that might be of interest to residents, including an online version of the Keep It Local magazine.

Under Local Area Info we will add useful information relating to things going on around Canvey Island.

The Photo and Video libraries contain pictures and videos sent in by residents for all to enjoy.  We have albums for the dogs, cats, and other pets of Sandy Bay, pictures of the park and local area, and videos taken around Sandy Bay such as the weekly bike rides.  Please send us your pictures to be included.

We have a Shop where residents can send in their classified ads to share with everyone.  If you wish to add something, please take a look at an existing linking, and send in similar details together with any photographs to be included.

We currently have a Lost and Found section, though this is not widely used as residents tend to use WhatsApp for a quicker response.  If you need to include something, please send us the details.

The River Times eMagazine is a collection of interesting articles collated into a small magazine for residents to enjoy.  Due to the effort involved in producing this, we have not been able to create a new edition for some time, but we are working to improve this and bring new and regular editions soon.

Refer to the Policies, Rules and Privacy pages for details of the website usage rules, and the privacy policy.

The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) is still work in progress and will be added to over time.

The Website Credits page contains brief details about the website and your website admin contacts.


We hope you find the website useful and informative.  If so, please share with your neighbours so that more people can make use of the information provided here.