Who we are

The SBPRA is a voluntary group representing the interests of its Park Members. We will aim to work with Park Management to build a strong caring community. This Website platform will be used to promote honest and accurate opinions in an unbiased manner. We will also populate these pages with information of interest to Residents and details of future Park events.


  1. The SBPRA website does not represent the views of Sandy Bay Park Management or any employee of Sandy Bay Park.
  2. The SBPRA cannot provide information or assistance with the sale of Properties on Sandy Bay.  
  3. Please read our Website Usage Rules and Privacy Policy.
  4. The SBPRA is non political and does not support any political party.  Where some information may have been supplied by a member of a political party or taken from a political party or government website, it is for residents benefit only and does not imply support for any political party.
  5. The Sandy Bay Park Residents Association believe in total inclusion: Racist, sexist, homophobic or offensive actions that cause upset to common decency or fellow residents are not part of our community.