We hope this finds you well.

On Wednesday the 28th Feb we shall have a representative  from TedAlert in the bar from 10.30am



TedAlert are a safety /security company that specialises in providing a push button health emergency backup service which operates on GPS going straight through to their call out centre, they  will then contact ambulance and some other emergency services on your behalf.  This operates both in the UK and Europe. 


If this is of interest to you, or your families please do come along when no doubt more information will be shared and the details of the scheme given


Margaret and Ferghal have already signed up and if you need to contact them, then please do so at 8 Oakside




Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA -
11:22, Thursday by Admin Two


Park Holidays UK Limited

Good morning, everyone, I hope this finds you well.
On the 13th of February the Chair, Vice Chair, and myself met with Gemma of Thorney Bay. At this meeting we were introduced to three representatives from the new Sandy Bay Management Company.
L T Management no longer manages Sandy Bay or Thorney Bay.  The new company, which is owned by Sun Communities (who own our park), is Park Holidays UK.
Park Holidays UK are a large company who manage many sites across the UK. They manage Residential as well as holiday parks, Gemma will still be our first point of contact, but we will also have a Regional Manager. They will be writing to all of us in the near future to introduce themselves and to explain more about themselves.
Please do NOT be alarmed by this change. What it means is that the management of the park is now in-house rather than outsourced.
Park Holidays UK have asked us to relay to each and every resident their thanks for our patience and understanding through a time that has been difficult for us all.  Please, do bare in mind that they have only been in position for 48 hours. They have been to site, met with all the staff and with ourselves.  Which we hope is a good start!
When questioned about our outstanding complaints their responses were positive.
Fit and Proper Person. Park Holidays UK have relevant people in place who can take this forward, this will be done as soon as possible.
Decking. Quotes have been received. However, Park Holidays UK do have a decking company, they will also be submitting a quote for the works on the properties that are waiting.  We have assurances that this work will be started once quotes are in and a company chosen. 
Sheds. This work will be undertaken very soon, the aim is for them to be completed in 13 weeks.
Top Tarmac to roads. Work is due to commence on this within the month.
Broad Band.   Park Holidays UK will be working on this and looking into the issues and will report back. Park Holidays UK also have an in-house team to deal with this.
Lighting to Mermaid way. Work will commence soon.
Outside seating in the bar area. This will be provided.
Pitch Fee increase.   At this stage Park Holidays UK were unclear as to whether LT Management had started any proceedings regarding the increase. Park Holidays UK will be back to us as soon as they have investigated this. So, in the meantime please continue to pay your fees (without the increase) as you have been doing.
New Facilities. Park Holidays UK were clear in saying that they will be looking at the plans re the new facilities, however, they did reiterate that this would take longer to investigate than the items listed above. This is no guarantee that the facilities mentioned by Kings will happen. But please be assured that we have highlighted this point, and it is being investigated.
At this stage there is no more information to share with you. But be assured that we will as soon as we hear.   
Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA 
17:26, 14 Feb 2024 by Admin Two

Dementia and Alzheimer's talk in the bar, Health Checks on Sandy Bay

Good afternoon, everyone,

I am afraid that due to unforeseen circumstances Mark is unable to get to us on 28th February. However, we will see him and Kerstie on the 20th of March at 10.00am in the Sandy Bay Bar. Please do come along if this is something that you feel is pertinent to you or to a family/friend.
We are waiting for an update on Health Checks at Sandy Bay and should be able to update everyone in the next few weeks.

Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA 
16:07, 09 Feb 2024 by Admin Two


      Tuesday's 10.00am - 11.00am

     Canvey Island War Memorial Hall

        High Street, Canvey, SS8 7RB

                     £4.00 per session.

     Starting back on 27th February 2024.

This is a new venue for us, it's a little further away but hopefully a lot warmer and more reliable. I am sure for anyone that does not drive we can organise car share.

Are you looking to improve your flexibility, mobility, posture, balance & enjoy a safe, non-competitive dance-based workout in a friendly, fun and supportive environment?? If so, this class is for you.

Suitable for over 50's. I am a fully qualified teacher with over 30 years' experience. I live on Sandy Bay and would like to share this with you.

If you would like to take part, please call/Text/WhatsApp

Rosemary Larke on 07871 185739


13:23, 08 Feb 2024 by Admin Two

Good afternoon.

It has been suggested that the Residents Association set up a Buddy system for folks to nominate a friend/neighbour/family member to be contacted if they fall ill or are not seen out and about for a period of time.
Whilst this is a good idea, the Residents Association are not able to organise and maintain this.  This is for a number of reasons.
Data Protection is problematic and a minefield to navigate.
Security of your and our emails, given you will be offering up other people's names and numbers
maintaining the list... people move, change numbers etc.
Responsibility for the members of the Association 
Therefore, we suggest that if you know elderly/poorly/at risk people on the park, you speak to them directly if you feel they may need assistance.   We know that many of you already do this, also you hold others door keys for them, and have their families details.
If you feel you may need support, then do please talk to those people you know and trust and perhaps you can organise something with them.
For those of you that wanted a database, I am sorry, but we are not able to help with this, due to the reasons given above.

Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA -
19:31, 06 Feb 2024 by Admin Two

Good afternoon, all.  I hope this finds you well.

There will be a fun packed Karaoke evening in the Bar on Saturday 17th February     7.30 for an 8.00pm start.   Football will be over, so no need to worry....😉
Come along for a fun evening of singing, laughing and general good vibes.  Don't worry if you can't sing..... neither can anyone else! ha-ha 
See you there!
Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
19:27, 06 Feb 2024 by Admin Two

Hi all

The Wroxham trip is now sold out!    a fun day ahead.
Tina Turner still has availability.....  If you want to come on this fab trip please let me know as soon as you can, and definitely by the end of  today.
There is a trip available leaving from and back to Sandy Bay.  It is Mamma Mia the Musical.   leaving here  at 2.30 pm on the 27th March 2024.  This coach will be the same coach as the on taking folks to see Tina Turner.  The theatres are close to each other, so we will all be deposited and collected close to the theatre we are visiting.  arrival at the Theatre is approx 4.30, so plenty of time to shop, mooch or have a meal before the show.
The seats will be in the Stall up to Row F  the price is £69.50 for tickets and coach trip.
Please go to Theatre Trips Essex to book or email me and i can help you do it.

Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA
18:00, 05 Feb 2024 by Admin Two

Nominated Charity - Updated 01/02/2024

The Nomination Box is now located in The Bar

Updated 01/02/2024

It has been agreed that the 2024 Charity for Sandy Bay will be a local Charity.   
The Charity Nominations box and nomination slips are now in The Bar. Please decide on your choice of local charity and then pop the charity nominations slips into the box.
On the 1st of March 2024, we will open the box and count the nominations, the charity with the most nominations will be the one to receive our fund-raising efforts at the end of the year.
There are many amazing local charities for us to choose from, I am sure you will all have your favourites.
Thank you in advance for taking part in this fund-raising drive.

Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA
12:46, 26 Jan 2024 by Admin Two

Good afternoon all,

It is with great delight; we are able to share the news that there will be a new event in the Bar on a Monday afternoon starting at 2.00pm sharp! The first game will be Monday 29th January 
This new game is a card game called 'Sticky Fingers'.
It will cost each player £7 for the entire afternoon's games, there will be cash prizes and £1 per head will go to the Sandy Bay chosen Charity (yet to be decided)
The rules are simple.  more information will be given later, and all will be explained on the day:
Sticky Fingers will be hosted by our very own Bob and Andy Lee!
Get yourself along on Monday if you can, for some giggles, perhaps a win and some fund raising in the process.

Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA 
12:40, 26 Jan 2024 by Admin Two


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