Meet the Residents Association Committee


Emmett Larner

Emmett Larner - Chairman

Worked for 35 years for the civil service in London.

I enjoy football, walking the dogs, and going to the cinema.

I have good communication and listening skills, and feel passionate about assisting others to make Sandy Bay the best residential park for people to connect with a community which is second to none.

 Linda Shillabeer

Linda Shillabeer – Vice Chair

I previously worked for British telecom for 40 years, starting as a telephonist and retired as Project Manager.  

I moved from Kent to Sandy Bay in 2021, the best move I have ever made.  The people are very friendly, so much so, I have made many friends & have a great social life.

Tracey Wakeling 

Tracey Wakeling - Secretary

I have lived in Essex all my life, and on Canvey Island for the last 7 years. I worked in the building Industry/affordable housing for the past 30 years from Manager to Director level. I have worked with the public & also MP’s.

I enjoy working with people and being involved & trying to make difference. I am eager to be involved in the RA as I enjoy helping people. 

Dane Worton

Dane Worton - Treasurer

Moved to Sandy Bay from Romford June 2018 and very happy to be here.  

Before retiring in 2019 I worked as a mechanical design engineer, with 35 years experience in telecoms, including land and building surveys and underground surveys.

Enjoy reading, listening to music, watching various sports and spending time with family.

Andrew Gentry

Andrew Gentry - Committee Member

Moved to Sandy Bay from Leigh-on-Sea in 2021.  We have absolutely no regrets in making the move.

I joined the Committee as Chairman of the Sandy Bay Park Residents Association, with a view to using my career experience, to help on key issues for the residents of Sandy Bay.  I have now passed the baton and will take the role of committee member going forward.

My single mission for the park, and all the residents that live here, is to help make the environment, the facilities, and the homes that little bit of paradise in this tiny bit of the world.

Nora Holman

Nora Holman - Committee Member

I have lived in Sandy Bay since early 2019.  I am often seen having a walk around chatting to both old and new residents.

I started out doing shop work while still at school, then left that to work in an office job for 30 years.  Later I worked in a hospital as a domestic.

I enjoy walking, watching crime dramas and socialising.  I started up the 'solos' group (we meet on a Tuesday) as a way for newbies to get to know each other and meet some of the longer established residents.  I also started the walking group which meets on Mondays at 10:00 at the clubhouse.

Linda Lambert

Linda Lambert - Committee Member

Me and my hubby Steve bought our house on Sandy Bay in September 2017 and moved here in February 2018.  We have watched the park grow and develop.

In the past I worked in shops and offices but I have now retired.

I enjoy swimming, knitting and sewing.  I will always be available for a chat and a cuppa, and usually cake!  If I can be of any assistance with any concerns you can knock on my door or ring me.  I love being part of the committee.  Living on Sandy Bay was the best decision we made.

David Atlee

David Atlee - Committee Member

Worked for 9 years as a toolmaker, 20 years as a London Fireman, 4 years as a Transport Manager, and 15 years as a painter and decorator.  

Moved to Sandy Bay in 2020.  I like helping people with small jobs.  I am first aid and defibrillator trained.  I enjoy cycling and playing chess.

I hope to be an asset to the committee as I like fact checking with the help of the internet.

Keith Williamson

Keith Williamson - Committee Member

My wife Jenny and I moved to Sandy Bay in August 2020 after living in Barking for 49 years.  I retired in 2012 after working in the electricity industry for 46 years, 40 of those as a cable jointer and the remaining time as a foreman.

I am pleased to have joined the committee to assist in any way I can in making the park a better place to live, with all the facilities we were promised.

I enjoy walking, playing chess, snooker, and travelling.

Kaz Duffield

Kaz Duffield - Committee Member

I have varied work experience across different sectors... veterinary nurse, retail, NVQ assessor, exam invigilator, polling clerk, and an employability advisor for over 14 years, helping people of all ages.  I continue to be a phone friend to some Essex residents, which started at the beginning of COVID.

I have been supporting residents at Sandy Bay for over 5 years as a volunteer, getting shopping for those who need a little support.  This led to other requests such as cleaning, walking dogs and dog sitting.

I am proactive, enthusiastic, and a committed person who would like to help the residents of Sandy Bay to have a representative voice.  I'd like to increase the sense of belonging to the community.

Belle Robinson

Belle Robinson - Note Taker / Secretary Support

Born in Islington and moved to Canvey Island in 1970 with my husband Alan and first daughter.  Had 2 more children and all are now living in Canvey or Leigh-on-Sea.  I was widowed in 2017 after 52 years of marriage and decided after 4 years and a lot of soul searching to sell the family home, and I moved to Sandy Bay in August 2021.  I can honestly say it's the best move I could have made. 

I first worked as a secretary in banking, and later at Merlin Colour Printers, and Island Solicitors Newman and Maxwell, before returning to a large law firm in the city working in litigation for several partners.  I retired in 2009. 

I love anything competitive such as quizes, scrabble or cards.  I enjoy the cinema, walking, and not forgetting holidays, eating out, wine and dancing!!!

Kelvin Dimond

Kelvin Dimond - Associate Member - Web & Tech Adviser

Born in East London, I moved to Basildon in 1952 and lived there until moving to Canvey Island in 1975. My wife Karen and I moved to Sandy Bay in late 2020, after a long wait due to COVID restrictions in place at the time.

I started work as an Electronics Apprentice at Standard Telephones and Cables in Basildon and then as a Test Engineer at Benfleet. After a short spell at a small company in Benfleet, designing and manufacturing test equipment, I moved to the Ford Motor Company Dunton.

For 27 years I worked in a variety of positions, such as Product and Component Development Engineers, Customer Relations Executive Office Investigation Engineer and Team Leader, Ford, and Visteon Aftermarket Technical Service Manager and as an Owner Literature and Dealer Communications Author. Throughout most of my Ford career I worked on vehicle audio systems and the suppression of electrical interference generated within a vehicle by engines and electrical/electronic systems.

I have been retired since 2017, travelling, walking, motoring, computers, and reading are some of my interests. I have served on the committee for two years and have stood down due to health problems and to give others the chance to try and make a difference to our life on Sandy Bay.

Graeme Cordell

Graeme Cordell - Associate Member - Web & Tech Support

I grew up in Rainham before moving to Hornchurch, Chafford Hundred, and then North Stifford.  My wife Sarah and I bought our house on Sandy Bay in May 2020 but for 2 and a half years lived between our house in North Stifford and our new home on Sandy Bay, waiting until our 2 daughters were ready to move out.  We have now sold the house and live here full time.

I started work as a computer programmer for a bank and later moved into analysis, design and support of computer systems in the finance sector.  After 10 years I started my own company and then worked on contract for large corporate clients until my recent retirement.

We love to travel and have started to do so more now retired.  We are enthusiastic dog owners and enjoy walking them in and around Sandy Bay.  I also enjoy photography and videography, music, eating out, drinking and socialising.


Previous Committee Members

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Kelvin Dimond
John Wallington
Roger Graves
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Sue Johnson
Gary Wakeling
Ferghal Mannion
Allan Johnson
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Des Neville


Thank you all for your valued contribution.