Cards club  CARDS CLUB

Cards club runs weekly starting at 1:30 pm and finishing at around 4:00 pm (Note: Exact finish time will depend on the state of play of any ongoing card games).

Currently card games being played are:- 


Games will be running simultaneously. 

If you are interested in taking part, or have any suggestions regarding different card games then please contact Sue on WhatsApp.

There is a prize for the winner of each card game, so if you like a game of cards, or want to learn a new game, plus have a sociable afternoon then put the date in your diary!

This another good opportunity for new residents on Sandy Bay Park to meet other residents and neighbours. As with all the RA supported clubs and events it's another way that existing residents can meet neighbours and friends.

Do you know anyone who lives on their own and doesn't socialise much, then ask them along, it might just be the invite they are waiting for!