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Chess has been around for over 1,500 years and people will still be playing it for 100s more.  Now consider the most popular video games... it's unlikely that people will be playing them even 10 years from now.

It has been shown that chess develops memory, concentration, imagination, creativity, and logical thinking.  It teaches you patience, self-awareness, to respect others ideas, and consequence.  There's no dice involved and no luck of the draw.  It's just you against your opponent.

Is there a Kasparov in hiding on Sandy Bay?  The chess club meets on Tuesday evenings in the Sandy Bay bar.  Please come along and join us.  

Chess Club Pic 17-01-2023

We've started a chess ladder for a bit of friendly competition, and if we get enough players for a team, we can look to arrange matches... Sandy Bay vs ...?

Beginners welcome - if you've never played but would like to learn, please get in touch and we'll gladly teach you.  From time to time, we run beginners classes at a time to suit, outside the standard club times, to encourage new members to learn and join us.  If you're interested please contact the club organiser.  We're always happy to welcome newcomers including complete beginners.

If you'd like more information, or to register your interest, please contact...

Graeme Cordell on 07764 625244 (phone / text / WhatsApp)

or by email:


About the club organiser:

Graeme Cordell 

My dad taught me to play chess at a young age, and I then joined the Whybridge Junior School chess club and played for my house (Ash House) and for the school.  I continued this in Brittons Secondary school where again I played for the school.  I also played for the Scouts and managed to achieve runner up in the Scouts District Chess competition.  

Once I left school I didn't play often until after our 2 daughters were born.  I enjoyed teaching them to play when they were old enough, and playing with them.

I hadn't played very much since, but I am now enjoying playing again at Sandy Bay.