Basic Computing Skills


Computer skills class   BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS CLASS


Need a little help with your tech?  Want to get more out of your laptop, smartphone, or tablet?  Please come along to the Sandy Bay bar on Friday morning every two weeks, starting 27th January 2023, and hopefully learn a thing or two.

If you'd like more information, or to register your interest, please contact...

 Kelvin Dimond on 07806 628918‬ (phone / text / WhatsApp)

 or by email:

If you are thinking of joining the class, then please click on the link below to download, print, and complete the Members Information Form. Then either return it to me or bring it along to the class. If you can't download/print a copy from the website, then I can supply you with a printed copy.

Members Information Form

The world of computers, mobile phones and technology in general is huge and it is difficult to know exactly what areas to start with.
 I have listed below some of the potential subjects that can be covered.
- Email, including attaching and downloading documents
- Creating PDF documents
- Using the Internet, book marking web pages and search engines
- The mysteries of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and wireless devices
- Security and online fraud, we can also cover telephone and text fraud as well. 
- Basic computer usage
- Printers and scanners
- Documents and spread sheets
- Problems with using your devices, phones, etc.
The list is not exhaustive, and you may well have problems or queries on other subjects, just come along and we will try and resolve your problem.
If certain subjects are of particular interest, then I could put together some basic lessons to explain the subjects in a bit more detail.
                                              Training Course Documents to read or download
Document Number  File Name                               Document Name
 Document 1


 COMPUTER BASICS 1 - The Binary Number System

 Document 2


 COMPUTER BASICS 2 - Data Storage and Usage                                                                                                                               

 Document 3


 COMPUTER BASICS 3 - Primary Components - What's in your Computer?

 Document 4


 COMPUTER BASICS 4 - Using Internet Browser Bookmarks

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