Sandy Bay Pitch Fee

The information presented here has been collated over several years and is being shared in order to provide residents with as much information as possible before making a decision relating to the proposed pitch fee increase.  The Residents Association cannot tell residents what decision to make, but we hope that the information provided will help residents to make up their minds.

In October 2023, Sandy Bay Management took four households to tribunal over their refusal to pay the proposed increase from 1st November 2022.  At the tribunal, the magistrate made it clear that the evidence relating to the lack of proposed facilities on Sandy Bay was not evidence that could be used in a pitch fee tribunal.  He did however state that this evidence would have grounds in a misselling trial.  This is a fantastic endorsement for what most residents feel, should we reach the point of having to take Sandy Bay Management to court for misselling.

The magistrate stated that the only evidence that could be used in relation to the pitch fee tribunal would be anything related to deterioration of services.  The evidence presented cannot be verbal, it must be in writing.  Any supporting photographs must be date stamped.  If you decide not to pay the increase and you are taken to a tribunal, it is vitally important that you present your evidence in this way.  You should also remember that the letter sent to all residents for the proposed pitch fee increase clearly states that the park management are obliged to provide, on request, a breakdown of the costs to support the pitch fee increase, together with documentary evidence.  Not once has this been provided to any resident.


Some of the evidence below can be used to argue the pitch fee increase, and some is relevant to any potential misselling trial.


1. Sales Literature which confirms that our monthly fee is a service charge and covers a lot more than just the pitch on which our homes sit.

Sales Literature re Service Charge


2. Email from Lee Skinner (Sales Lead) stating what our month fee covers. 

Lee Skinner Email


3. Email from Gareth Light (Sales) relating to Sandy Bay Sales Pitch.

Gareth Light Email


4. Minutes of tribunal hearing 19th October 2023.

Tribunal Minutes 19-10-2023


5. Pitch Fee Calculation showing the actual increases from 2020 to 2023, plus a prediction of what we will be paying after 10 years if we continue to have an average annual increase of 5% (actual figures could be higher or lower).

Pitch Fee Calculation & Prediction


6. Copy of Park Rules

Sandy Bay Park Rules


7. Sandy Bay Sales Brochures - click on the links below to view copies of the Sandy Bay Sales Brochures dating back to 2017...

SB Brochure cover

Sandy Bay Sales Brochure 2017

Sandy Bay Sales Brochure 2019

Sandy Bay Sales Brochure 2021

Sandy Bay Sales Brochure 2022


8. Click here to go to the Sandy Bay Planned facilities photo album.  Use 'Next' to scroll through the photos in the album.

Planned Facilities 01 Gatehouse

Planned Facilities Photo Album