2022/2023 Pitch Fee Tribunal & 2023/2024 Pitch Fee Increase Status

30th November Update

2022/2023 Pitch Fee Tribunal Status

As of 30th November 2023, there has been no decision received from the Tribunal regarding the action taken by Thorney Bay Limited against several of our fellow residents.

As soon as information regarding the decision is made public by the Tribunal, we will advise residents as soon as possible.

2023/2024 Pitch Fee Increase Status

It is important to note that the Committe cannot tell residents what to do in respect of agreeing or disagreeing with the proposed new pitch fee.

We can however present the facts gathered by the SBPRA to enable residents to make an informed decision.

It is important to remember that under the Mobile Home Regulations, you do not have to agree to or pay the increased fee. However, residents must continue to pay their existing pitch fee payment. Under no circumstances should residents stop or reduce the current pitch fee payment.

Provided residents act as above, the only financial penalty stipulated by the Regulations is that if residents lose any future tribunal case, the outstanding pitch fee increase must be paid. 

For example, if it took six months for a judgement to be made, then 6 x the monthly increase would have to be paid.

Any costs to initiate a Tribunal case against a resident(s) will have to be paid by Thorney Bay Limited.

The Impact of Compound Interest

Taken in isolation, yearly percentage increase may not seem to be too expensive (recent increases excluded!). However, if compound interest is considered over a period of years, residents will potentially be paying the equivalent of a mortgage payment every month.

This is one reason the SBPRA will continue to question the amount of any excessive pitch fee increase and request that any increase is fully justified by supporting fully accounted costs. This sight of the costs is a right of residents as prescribed in the Regulations.

Much more information on the background to the outstanding tribunal case and the promises made to residents when purchasing homes on Sandy Bay can be found by clicking on the button below.

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13:44, 30 Nov 2023 by Kelvin Dimond