Abusive Communications to Sandy Bay Management

SBPRA Chairman's Response

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Dear Residents

It has been reported to the SBPRA committee that the Sandy Bay local management is receiving abusive, threatening and personal emails from residents on Sandy Bay.

The emails are in relation to the proposed changes to the Sandy Bay refuse collection service. The committee are fully aware of the concern that the proposal has caused amongst the residents and are taking action to resolve the situation.

Local management have advised the committee that they were unaware of the situation, as they were not present on Sandy Bay when the decision was made to start constructing the refuse collection bays.

After discussion between our chairman and local management, the construction work was paused. A 28-day consultation period was then initiated to allow the SBPRA to discuss the proposal to change the established refuse collection service.

The committee has already published a Notice on the SBPRA Website containing more detailed information. Please open the website, and from the menu select the Noticeboard.

The committee have advised that during the 28-day consultation period, residents can write to or email Customer Care in order to voice their opinions on the proposed change.

However, the SBPRA committee urges all residents to be polite and keep all communications civil. Abusive language and threats are unacceptable and not part of the Sandy Bay Residents Associations ethos. Rather than supporting a valid opinion, they could in fact quite possibly undermine the committees’ negotiation position.

It maybe possible that the above communications are being sent by residents who are not members of the SBPRA, in this case the SBPRA  is not in a position to influence their communications.

Sandy Bay is the permanent and for many residents, their forever home. We all want Sandy Bay to be success and for this to happen long standing  issues need to be resolved, and for the residents and Sandy Bay employees to work together to make the park into what it was promised to be. With this in mind, abusive treatment of any Sandy Bay employees is unacceptable.

Emmett Larner

Chairman SBPRA

14:16, 20 Jun 2024 by Kelvin Dimond