Sandy Bay Refuse Collection Concern

All work on construction of bin locations has stopped.

Wheelie Bin

Dear Residents,

The unannounced construction of a number of refuse collection locations around the park, has caused great concern amongst the members of the Sandy Bay Residential Park community.

Apparently local management were unaware of the situation, and as of 12th June 2024 they have paused work on the refuse collection areas.

As required by the Mobile Homes Act, the SBM have given the SBPRA/residents 28 days’ notice from Wednesday 12th June of the proposed plans for the Sandy Bay Residential Park refuse collection service.

The SBPRA has convened a committee meeting to discuss the proposed changes before any consultation meeting with SBM during the 28 day period.

The committee will fully consider the many views expressed by residents since the proposals became public knowledge.

During the 28 day pause/consultation period residents can email Customer Care at advising SBM of your opinions and the impact of the proposed changes on you personally, the park in general, and to your property. Please copy the SBPRA on

SBM have already advised that emails on the subject will not be replied to until after the 28 day consultation period, however a record of all emails sent on the subject will be maintained by SBM.

If you are unable to send an email then you can voice your opinions, etc, via a letter which can be handed into the office. Please ask for a receipt of delivery.

If you require any assistance please contact your Street Champion.

Extracts from the Mobile Home Regulations

Qualifying residents’ associations have certain rights and park owners should consult the residents’ association when they want to spend money on improvements or change how they run the park.

Park owners must give at least 28 days’ notice of any changes and take the association’s concerns into account before they make changes.

If you have a dispute with the park owner that you cannot work out, you can apply to a tribunal. Decisions made by the tribunal are legally binding.

SBPRA Committee

13:39, 17 Jun 2024 by Kelvin Dimond