Dog Poop poster

Good afternoon, Resident (s)

Thank you for the positive feedback regarding the newsletter that went out last week.

It’s great to be able to keep in touch more going forward again.

Unfortunately, the customer care email and my personal email inbox has been flooded with pictures of dogs mess this morning.

Can I please remind you all again that it is your responsibility to pick up after your pets.

I know you must all be fed up with me constantly saying it!

Please also be respectful of your neighbours when dogs are barking and making lots of noise.

Everyone has moved here for a peaceful life so it would be appreciated if you can keep noise from your pets to a minimum.

I would love for the newsletters to be full of positive updates and hate having to mention this all the time.

Sorry for the moan.

Gemma x


14:41, 07 May 2024 by Graeme Cordell