2023-2024 Pitch Fees

Dear Resident (s)

We are writing to share some important information regarding your 2023 / 2024 Pitch Fees.

Your 2023 / 2024 Pitch Fees will be charged at the 2022 / 2023 rate and are payable in full or monthly.

Looking ahead, it's important to note that any future adjustments to site fees will be in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This approach ensures fairness and transparency.

If you have any questions or need further information regarding the site fee adjustment, please feel free to contact our team on 01268 510011.

We're here to assist you in any way we can.

Yours Sincerely,

Sandy Bay Management


In summary, for the year 2023-2024 residents should continue to pay the same amount they were paying in 2022-2023 for their pitch fee.  There will be no pitch fee increase and you will not be accumulating any debt.  

Any residents who increased their payments for 2023-2024 will have the difference refunded.  Please contact Sandy Bay Customer Care if you wish to discuss this further. 

The standard annual pitch fee review will take place as normal towards the end of 2024 where the 2024-2025 fees will be considered.



14:19, 25 Apr 2024 by Graeme Cordell