Alzheimer's & Dementia presentation.

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Good afternoon all,  Firstly thank you to everyone that was able to come along today to listen to Mark from Alzheimers UK.
The morning was very well attended and full of information.   We have asked that we are sent additional flyers to share, however, there are some pamphlets in the bar.
Mark  introduced himself and explained about the  Allzehimers condition and how they can help us in managing/recognising etc.
Some facts
The youngest person diagnosed with this condition was 9 years old!
The time it might take to achieve a diagnosis is between 6 months and 2 years.
There is a free help line we can ring,  the person will go through our concerns and can actually do an on the phone triage diagnosis and then offer support in gaining doctors appointments and support.
Mark explained that  life stye  MAY affect the chances of contracting this condition,  but that  some excesses will contribute to this condition.  but also that it is a bit of a lottery and could occur in anyone......   How confusing!!
However, Stress, underactive thyroid, B12 deficiencies and loneliness are also contributors.
 There are in excess of 104 different types of Dementia, this is clearly a complex subject, 
Two aspects of the condition are though hereditary,   Huntingdons and Familial dementia are those
The condition does damage the brain, wth sufferers feeling lost, and angry, possibly in pain, and of course confused with their feelings.
To contact them call  03331503456   this is a free line. 
Mark  has offered to come back  with his team, on say a 6 or 8 week basis which we have agreed to.    We will of course keep you posted on this.
If you have any questions do please call them, or email this address, and we will co ordinate an email to him.
Thank you all, again for your support and attendance.
Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA - 
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