Handrail & Ramps

2024_03_07 Handrail & Ramps
Good afternoon all, we trust this finds you well.
There will be a police presence here on site on 8th March, in the bar from 10.00 to 11.00 am   you can go along and chat, voice any concerns that you have and ask any questions.
On March 20th  from 10.00 am  we will have Mark coming to chat to us regarding Alzehimers and Dementia,  Do please come along to listen to what is going on and of course to ask any questions 
Please find below, information that we hope you will find of use.

Hand Rails & Ramps  – These would come under home improvements and these are through Essex County Council website as per the link below and it may help them to have an Occupational Therapy Assessment to assess their abilities and who would pay and there is even a video to watch to assist your enquiry regarding a Disabled Facilities Grant.



Movement to keep warm –  Try to ensure that you are moving regularly and take regular exercises, even if you are sitting in your chairs to keep your blood flowing as sitting too long makes you cold.  One of many small tips to keep us flexible and warm



Also Age UK have a great deal of information regarding home improvements too as per the link attached.  Please do note though that if you have an outside company in to change your decking, your warranty MAY be compromised.

 We will be issuing information on a company that works with our Park owner who would be able to quote for ramps to be attached to the decking if this might be required.



Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA 
15:39, 07 Mar 2024 by Admin Two