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Good morning, everyone, I hope this finds you well.
On the 13th of February the Chair, Vice Chair, and myself met with Gemma of Thorney Bay. At this meeting we were introduced to three representatives from the new Sandy Bay Management Company.
L T Management no longer manages Sandy Bay or Thorney Bay.  The new company, which is owned by Sun Communities (who own our park), is Park Holidays UK.
Park Holidays UK are a large company who manage many sites across the UK. They manage Residential as well as holiday parks, Gemma will still be our first point of contact, but we will also have a Regional Manager. They will be writing to all of us in the near future to introduce themselves and to explain more about themselves.
Please do NOT be alarmed by this change. What it means is that the management of the park is now in-house rather than outsourced.
Park Holidays UK have asked us to relay to each and every resident their thanks for our patience and understanding through a time that has been difficult for us all.  Please, do bare in mind that they have only been in position for 48 hours. They have been to site, met with all the staff and with ourselves.  Which we hope is a good start!
When questioned about our outstanding complaints their responses were positive.
Fit and Proper Person. Park Holidays UK have relevant people in place who can take this forward, this will be done as soon as possible.
Decking. Quotes have been received. However, Park Holidays UK do have a decking company, they will also be submitting a quote for the works on the properties that are waiting.  We have assurances that this work will be started once quotes are in and a company chosen. 
Sheds. This work will be undertaken very soon, the aim is for them to be completed in 13 weeks.
Top Tarmac to roads. Work is due to commence on this within the month.
Broad Band.   Park Holidays UK will be working on this and looking into the issues and will report back. Park Holidays UK also have an in-house team to deal with this.
Lighting to Mermaid way. Work will commence soon.
Outside seating in the bar area. This will be provided.
Pitch Fee increase.   At this stage Park Holidays UK were unclear as to whether LT Management had started any proceedings regarding the increase. Park Holidays UK will be back to us as soon as they have investigated this. So, in the meantime please continue to pay your fees (without the increase) as you have been doing.
New Facilities. Park Holidays UK were clear in saying that they will be looking at the plans re the new facilities, however, they did reiterate that this would take longer to investigate than the items listed above. This is no guarantee that the facilities mentioned by Kings will happen. But please be assured that we have highlighted this point, and it is being investigated.
At this stage there is no more information to share with you. But be assured that we will as soon as we hear.   
Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA 
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