Nominated Charity - Updated 01/02/2024

The Nomination Box is now located in The Bar

2024_01_26 _ Nominated Charity

Updated 01/02/2024

It has been agreed that the 2024 Charity for Sandy Bay will be a local Charity.   
The Charity Nominations box and nomination slips are now in The Bar. Please decide on your choice of local charity and then pop the charity nominations slips into the box.
On the 1st of March 2024, we will open the box and count the nominations, the charity with the most nominations will be the one to receive our fund-raising efforts at the end of the year.
There are many amazing local charities for us to choose from, I am sure you will all have your favourites.
Thank you in advance for taking part in this fund-raising drive.

Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA
12:46, 26 Jan 2024 by Admin Two