2024_01_14 _ Theatre Trips

Good afternoon all.

Thank you for those that were able to come today to meet Nicola and Ken, it was great to see so many of you!
Nicola explained to those there what her company was about, what she could offer and asked what we would like to see, and where we would like to visit..
The most popular this morning seemed to be Kew Gardens, Mama Mia the party, Tina Turner the Musical, a day trip to Wroxham, a day trip to Brighton and a week in Wales,!   so quite a diverse group!
Moving forward,  you are all able to contact Nicola direct and book yourselves on to any trip at all.   However, if we want a trip from Sandy Bay, then we need to have at least 30 people signing up for a trip.   this can of course be your family and friends as well as yourselves....
It would be very interesting to see what you would all like to do.   I have tried but am unable to upload Nicolas info sheet to this email.  However, I know the very clever Kelvin will be able to do so and will also add it to the website... so hold tight and all info will be uploaded soon.
In the meantime, I can manage to send to you via WhatsApp.  I will send this today.
All and any feedback is welcome.

Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA - 
14:03, 22 Jan 2024 by Admin Two