SBPRA: Useful Information Booklet for the Residents of Sandy Bay

Edition 1: Published 15th January 2024

Really Useful Booklet Front Page

Useful Information Booklet Edition1

The Resident's Association has published the booklet primarily to help new residents move on to Sandy Bay. 

Essential information from the location of local doctors and dentists to who their local Street Champion is will help residents new to Sandy Bay and Canvey Island as well.

Existing residents should also find the booklet of use as well.

The booklet is available from this website as a MS Word or PDF document. Printed copies will be available for those existing residents who do not have internet and/or email access or are unable to print documents and new residents.

Click on the link below to navigate to the booklet links.

Booklet Edition 1



Sandy Bay Park Residents Association

15:30, 16 Jan 2024 by Kelvin Dimond