Sandy Bay Bar - Food and Drink prices

A few residents have asked about the cost of drinks and food in the bar,  I hope that this email will go some way to clearing any confusion and hopefully it will answer your questions.
A revised list of drinks prices will soon be on show in the bar.  The new company servicing the bar have some different drinks to the last and so the price list needs updating.
The question of Soda and its cost.  A lime and Soda is now £1.20, this is made up of 90 pence for the shot of lime and 30p for the soda.   The charge for the soda is to cover the gas cylinders used.
There will no longer be an option to change items on your meal for another....( eg an egg for a sausage. ) The meals are set, but you can of course order extras of any items.   There is no option to pay less if you do not want items from that set menu.
Please note that the prices for sandwiches and Jacket potatoes etc are a 'FROM' price, different fillings will command a different price. The price shown is the cheapest of the choices.
I do hope that this helps.
Kind Regards
Tracey Wakeling - Secretary
Sandy Bay Park RA
16:50, 20 Nov 2023 by Graeme Cordell