Decking Issues Update

Good afternoon, All,

As you may be aware we have started to inform residents with the dates that works on their decking will be taking place. Please note we are escalating those with the health & safety issues first and foremost as previously updated in the recent communications. 

We have seen an influx of enquiries coming into the customer care inbox requesting when others will be carried out. All residents will be notified personally 3-4 weeks prior when works are due to begin to not only provide the relevant notice period but UKSundecks will also be carrying out an assessment before works start. 

As you are all aware this is a large project with the PVS decks being dealt with as a priority therefore it is not productive to continually contact the office taking up the time of vital resources looking continual updates. 

The team are working alongside UKSundecks and will update as they move down the spreadsheet. We thank you all for your patience whilst the logistics around this large project have been finalised. 

Please note any residents that have a UKSundeck (non black) must raise their snags directly through UKSundecks customer service line not through the office management at Sandy Bay - The warranty for these decks in question sit with you the resident and UKSundecks directly. 

Many thanks 



13:12, 06 Jul 2023 by Graeme Cordell