Sandy Bay Management - Update on rubbish collection

Dear Resident (s)

We have received numerous emails yesterday and this morning regarding the refuse collection.

As you have been made aware our refuse collection vehicle is currently being repaired and we have no way of collecting all the rubbish at Sandy Bay without a suitable vehicle.

It is not as simple as ‘hire a new truck’ as suggested in some emails from residents.

Phone calls to the office from aggressive residents calling us liars is also not appreciated.

We aim to have the vehicle back on the road and refuse collection to resume as normal from 8am this Friday.

As you will also be aware, you pay your council tax to Castle Point Borough Council, who, as a service should collect your rubbish.

Your rubbish is collected and disposed of by our Sandy Bay staff at a cost to our company. This is not included as part of your ground rent.

There will be no refunds due to missing one day of refuse collection.

Your written statement (legal contract) does not say that Sandy Bay is responsible for collecting your rubbish.

Previous sales paperwork you may have received that states otherwise is irrelevant.

We do apologise again for the inconvenience caused.


Kind Regards



11:01, 23 May 2023 by Graeme Cordell