St Nicholas Church Food Bank Collection

A collection box for St Nicholas Church has been put in the Sandy Bay Bar.  The church run a food bank for people in need, and they are running low on donations.  You can donate ANYTHING e.g. tins, packs of anything such as sweets, toiletries of all sorts, cleaners, washing powders, toilet rolls, deodorant, bottles of cordial, etc, etc.  Clear out your cupboards !!!!
Anyone who would like to donate food and toiletries can bring their donations to the bar.  The box is on the corner of the bar and will be there until Sunday 9th April.
I know how fantastic and generous our little community can be, and anything you can give will be gratefully received.  
A big thank you to all who donated to our collection for St. Nicholas Church food Bank.  It was taken this morning before the service and the Church was really grateful and wanted me to pass on its thanks to the Sandy Bayers.
15:08, 05 Apr 2023 by Graeme Cordell