Collection For Denise

As a lot of you already know our cook Denise is being taken into hospital on Tuesday 31st January.  She has stage 3 aggressive cancer and will need to be off for 8 weeks.  Our company unfortunately does not pay sick pay, so I have started a collection at the bar for anyone who would like to put in.  I know she will be forever grateful, as worrying about paying bills is something she shouldn't have to think about while undergoing treatment for cancer.
I will give Denise the collection in a card with the names of anyone who has donated on Monday 30th January.
Many thanks 
The Sandy Bay Bar 
*** UPDATE - 30th January ***
Good morning,  
I will be closing Denise's collection at midday today,  I'm stopping it at midday so that I have time to give her the card with all your names in and to take her to the bank to pay the money in so that it is safe while she is in hospital.  
So far we have collected £1,860 !!!
I'm absolutely blown away by your generosity . It makes me emotional knowing how kind you all have been . We have had residents who have walked over just to donate and then walk home again.  Some residents were not sure who it was we were collecting for as they had never met Denise ,  but still donated.  I am a firm believer that if you do good things and are kind to others,  good things, and kindness will find you.  My goodness,  good things and kindness are definitely finding all of you . I cannot thank you all enough this . I am so grateful, and I know Denise will be forever grateful 
Thank you all so much ❤️
Kadinia and Bar team 
*** UPDATE 2 - 30th January ***
Good afternoon,  
I have given Denise her card with the £2,155 that had been so kindly given. Denise was so overwhelmed by your generosity that she was shaking and crying (I was crying too by this point).  She wanted me to write this to thank you all from the bottom of her heart.  I took her to pay the money into her account so it's now safely in her bank for when she needs it. 
When we returned to the bar another £35 had been donated making a total of £2,190, which is just amazing. 
Thank you all so much,  you have all helped lift a very big weight off Denise's shoulders.  
Well done Sandy Bay , what an amazing community ❤️
Thank you 
Kadinia and Bar team 
10:21, 27 Jan 2023 by Graeme Cordell