Sandy Bay Park 5 MPH Speed Limit - Please Observe

Dear Residents,

The SBPRA is receiving reports from residents that many drivers on Sandy Bay Park, are not observing the 5 MPH speed limit which is clearly painted on the roads throughout the Park.

In particular Jack King Drive has become a very busy road, a recent check indicated over 200 vehicles per day using the road. Vehicles have been observed travelling well in excess of the speed limit at all times of the day and night. Please be responsible when driving on Jack King Drive.

Would all residents ensure that they observe the speed limit, and very importantly advise friends, visitors, carers, tradesmen and delivery drivers.

This a question of the safety of our residents, many of our older residents may not be aware of approaching vehicles plus at this time of year there are many of our grandchildren on site as well.

Please take notice of any instructions from Sandy Bay Security Guards, particularly if they are advising you to slow down, please be respectful in any communication with them.

Please do not be the first person to cause an accident due to excess speed!!

In addition please consider your neighbours when driving during the early morning and late at night, please keep noise to a minimum.



Kelvin Dimond

SBPRA Committee Member

Website Admin 


        5MPH Speed Limit Sign


19:02, 24 Aug 2022 by Kelvin Dimond