Sandy Bay Park Residents Association Membership Subscription - Reminder


This is a reprint of the email sent on 15/07/2022 to all members regarding  payment of their 2022 to 2023 membership subscription.

Following on from our email below regarding 2022 subscription collection, the association would like to now collect all subscriptions due.

For the purpose of ease, can we ask all members to drop their subscriptions through one of the homes listed below. The homes are spread right across the park so there should be a home within easy reach of everyone.

It is felt that this will make for less door knocking and chasing for funds. Please place money into an envelope making sure the address for the subscription is clearly marked. Can subscriptions be posted by 24th July please. Thank You

**Subscription due is £12 for joint occupancy or £6 for single.

Please drop off at any of the following addresses

5 Beach Walk

6 Bay Beach 

7 Rivers Edge

5 Wave Rd

1 Bayside

8 Oakside

10 Seaway Drive

7 Brook Rd 

A receipt will be given for all funds received.

Kind regards

Opal Edwards - Secretary

Sandy Bay Park RA

21:34, 26 Jul 2022 by Kelvin Dimond