Sandy Bay Park Residents Association Meeting with RoyaleLife & Sandy Bay Management - 08/07/2022

Please see the minutes from the latest meeting held on 06/07/2022.

Dear Residents,

We are pleased to advise that 3 members of the Resident Association Committee (RAC) met with a representative of RoyaleLife and two representatives of Sandy Bay Management on 6th July 2022 (RoyaleLife and Sandy Bay Management have requested that all communications are conducted through Sandy Bay Management (SBM)).

The meeting was cordial, positive and reasonably progressive. The points of discussion are set out below.

1)  RAC advised SBM of the resignation of Gary Wakeling as Vice       Chairman, due to personal reasons, and noted that his position will not   be filled at this time.

2)  SBM will write to RAC, in the next 24 hours, formally recognising Sandy Bay Park Residents Association

3)  SBM provided an update on the development of the park as follows,

  • SBM will provide RAC with the expected completion date of Phase 2.
  • SBM will instruct their construction team to tidy up the mound of earth at the bottom of Jack King Drive.

4)  SBM consider a secure footpath is required between the pool area and the Sandy Bay entrance gate. SBM will provide proposals to RAC at the next meeting.

5)   SBM are reviewing the road markings and signage for the roundabout before the entrance to Sandy Bay and the caravan site, due to the confusion sometimes caused to drivers at that location.

6)  SBM confirmed that all security staff are now employed by SBM and that new rotas had been agreed. SBM confirmed that 24/7 security is in place, however, acknowledged a lack of presence of security guards on the stretch of road between the main gate and the entrance to Sandy Bay at certain times. SBM agreed to review to always ensure a presence of security guards noting that on occasions the guards are drawn away from their posts to deal with issues on the park.

SBM’s security strategy going forward is to increase the numbers of security cameras to the boundaries of the park combined with a physical presence of security guards. SBM will provide a security plan to RAC at the next meeting.

7)  RAC requested SBM’s position on the proposal of the new facilities by the previous owner and whether SBM will develop the proposals (I.E. Spa, Gym, indoor pool, upgrade and increase in size of bar and restaurant and gate house).

SBM advised talks have been on going and will come to a conclusion shortly. SBM asked that we raise this again as agenda item number 1, at the next meeting, as SBM expect to conclude most, if not all, remaining matters of the acquisition of the park by then. SBM commented that the process has been very time consuming as their team have been reviewing all documentation relating to the matter.

8)  SBM confirmed that pitch fees are as set out in each resident’s Contract. There is no breakdown of fees and that the charge is like Ground Rent that is charged for the occupiers to rent the land below their bungalows. All services provided by SBM form part of the initial sale agreement. SBM will apply the rate of inflation as set out in all residents Contracts applicable in November of each year. SBM agreed to provide a Question-and-Answer sheet in respect of Pitch fees in the next 48 hours, for passing onto residents.

9)  SBM have reviewed the decking issues on the park and will consider each decking in turn commencing with any that is a health and safety hazard. SBM will be in contact with each resident concerned, however, could not provide a timescale for this as SBM are managing many issues following the acquisition of the park.

10)  SBM agreed to consider the replacement of the bench seating to the terrace areas to the bar / restaurant as a priority.

11)  SBM will consider the replacement of the pool sun loungers, however, this will likely be for next summer, as they must prioritise spend.

12)  SBM will review opening of the entrance to the pool next to the boiler room, however, noted that the entrance must be kept clear for maintenance.

13)  SBM will consider a suitable and permanent position for a Memorial Garden.

14)  SBM will not consider tree planting. RAC asked that some of the blander areas of landscaping be considered for enhancement and suggested several residents would sponsor a tree, with control of the process to be by SBM. SBM to consider further.

15)  SBM agreed to fix a Resident Association notice board on the wall, next to the defibrillator, just past the temporary fence entrance to Sandy Bay. RAC will source a suitable notice board.

16)  RAC enquired as to SBM’s position on the current electricity tariffs that residents pay to SBM. SBM were pleased to advise that tariffs will be fixed until the year 2025 as they have secured a non-domestic tariff for the period. RAC agreed this was very good news.

17)  SBM requested that residents actively sign the Government petition for receiving the £400 Energy payment in line with other homeowners.

18)  RAC have received several messages from residents complaining that persons under 50 are residing on the park, in contravention of resident Contracts. SBM were unaware of any such instances as all residents are suitably checked. SBM requested that any occurrences are directed to SBM accordingly.

19)  SBM concluded the meeting expressing the willingness to maintain good dialogue with RAC and all residents.

20)  Date of Next Meeting: 3rd August 2022 at 2pm.

The Committee agreed that the meeting with SBM was productive and although we do not have answers to all our questions, at this time, consider there is a clear desire by SBM to address the issues raised, whether favourable to the residents or not.

The Committee would urge all residents to continue to be patient with SBM a little longer to allow SBM to complete their acquisition tasks and subsequently advise RAC of their conclusions.

The Committee will continue to address all resident’s queries, where possible, although would ask that residents direct maintenance matters and issues directly relating to SBM to Katie Broad in the Thorney Bay Office.

For and on behalf of Sandy Bay Residents Association Committee

Andrew Gentry




20:01, 08 Jul 2022 by Kelvin Dimond