SBPRA Committee & RoyaleLife Meeting Update

Dear Residents,

Following on from the last SBPRA  Committee & RoyaleLife Meeting Update, document publish date 31/05/2022 please see information below.

The SBPRA Committee has not had any further updates or information from RoyaleLife. As far as we are aware the meeting between the Committee and RoyaleLife is still scheduled for the end of June.

In the meantime, the Committee has continued to work on some of the major outstanding issues.

As a result of this work, we should be in a position to publish another important update during next week.

The Committee understands the frustration experienced by many residents, however please be patient until we have published the next update.

As per our recent guidelines, the RoyaleLife staff on-site can't give updates on future plans for Sandy Bay Park.

It's tempting to do so, however please do not complain directly to RoyaleLife about the current situation, please let all communication to RoyaleLife emanate from the Committee. As a Committee, we have no powers to stop individual contact, however despite the minimal contact at the moment, we are trying to establish a cordial and good working relationship with RoyaleLife.

Please advise the above  information to any residents that you know are not internet users.


Kelvin Dimond

SBPRA Committee Member


19:35, 07 Jun 2022 by Kelvin Dimond