First Tier Tribunal (Residential Property) Property Chamber Update - 19/04/2022


As you are probably aware the former owners of Sandy Bay Park refused to recognise the Sandy Park Residents Association and its Committee as a Qualified Residents Association, despite being required to under the Mobile Homes Regulations.

The previous owners refused to meet with or discuss any detail of Park life and residents concerns, etc. These facts, resulted in the Committee raising a Tribunal Case against the previous owners that would (if we won), required the previous owners to recognise and meet with the SBPRA.

However the eventual reponse to the Tribunal from the previous owners was as usual, a touch of smoke and mirrors advising that we had taken a case out against the wrong company! Rather than Sandy Bay Resorts Ltd, the Tribunal were advised that the action should have been taken against Thorney Bay Park Ltd. The previous owners advise that they have no current connection as Thorney Bay Park Ltd was sold on 18/03/2022.

We have been in contact with the Tribunal, and requested that they extend the time we have to respond to the comments made by the previous owners, until after we have had our meeting with RoyaleLife scheduled for 26/04/2022.

The SBPRA Committee should then be in a position to advise the Tribunal to close our case or take further action if required. At this stage a meeting(s) with all residents may be required to discuss feedback from the meeting and any further action required.

SBPRA Committee

23:42, 19 Apr 2022 by Kelvin Dimond