RoyaleLife Purchase of Sandy Bay Park Update - 06/04/2022



The SBPRA have been in contact with Emma Smith (RoyaleLife Operations Director), she has requested an agenda and a list of Committee members who will attend the meeting that the SBPRA Committee has been trying to setup with RoyaleLife.

The Committee are in the process of compiling the agenda which will essentially cover the outstanding issues the previous owners neglected to resolve before selling Sandy Bay to RoyaleLife.

Once in receipt of the agenda and a list of Committee members attending the meeting, Emma Smith will make the necessary arrangements for the meeting on Sandy Bay.

As mentioned in previous Notices, the RoyaleLife Sales Department based at Sandy Bay are only responsible for sales and not the resolution of complaints. The Operations Department are responsible for the integration of Sandy Bay Park into the RoyaleLife organisation and it this department headed by Emma Smith that we need to have a dialogue with.

The Committee are fully aware of our members position with regard to the current situation, however we would ask that you continue to send any questions and queries (via the email address below) to the Committee regarding the purchase (as you have already started to do) rather than contacting RoyaleLife individually.

Day to day Park issues, concerns with your bungalows, etc will continue to be he responsibility of the exisiting Sandy Bay Customer Care office.

Telephone: 01268 510011 Ext: 4


As soon as the Committee has more information we will advise members.

Members with no internet or email access

If you are aware of any friends or neighbours in this situation, please advise them of the Notice content.

20:04, 06 Apr 2022 by Kelvin Dimond