RoyaleLife Purchase of Sandy Bay Park Update - 03/04/2022



Members of the SBPRA Committee (Gary Wakeling - Vice Chairman & Kelvin Dimond - Committee Member), had the opportunity today to meet with Chris Hibberd the Senior RoyaleLife Manager currently on Sandy Bay Park. At this moment in time, Chris Hibberd is responsible for the sale of properties on the Park.

The meeting was productive and hopefully will lead to cordial relations being established between RoyaleLife and the SBPRA and its members living on Sandy Bay Park.

The Committee members were advised that Emma Smith (RoyaleLife Operations Director), was planning to visit Sandy Bay Park next week. With the assistance of Chris Hibberd, the SBPRA will endeavour to meet with Emma Smith to find out  information on future developments on the Park and how life on the Park will be as part of RoyaleLife. The Committee will also bring her up to speed on the historical issues residents/members have had.

The SBPRA will update all members with results of the meeting.

In the meantime if any member has a specific question about the RoyaleLife purchase of Sandy Bay then please email it to the Committee at as soon as possible. 

We are aware that all members may not have access to email or the internet, if you  know of any neighbours or friends that are in this situation please update them.

Once we have more information from RoyaleLife we will ensure that all members get a copy of the latest status. As mentioned on a previous notice, RoyaleLife will also be contacting all residents.


SBPRA Committee




13:53, 03 Apr 2022 by Kelvin Dimond