An update to all members of Sandy Bay Park Residents Association, on the latest information/status available:

The Committee have been supplied with the details of the RoyaleLife Operations Director responsible for overseeing the purchase of Sandy Bay. 

The Committee have also been advised that any RoyaleLife employees currently working on site are not the correct people to discuss the sale of Sandy Bay and how it impacts on members. If this changes we will update you.

We are in communication with the Operations Director, please see copy of an email below sent on 31/03/2022.

The Sandy Bay Park Residents Association, better known to our members as the “SBPRA” would like to congratulate Royale Life on their purchase of the Sandy Bay Park gated community located on Canvey Island.

The uncertainties and lack of information to date on the sale of Sandy Bay Park has caused many worries amongst our older Residents. The SBPRA is now relieved that we can at last assure our Members that a reputable company like RoyaleLife had taken the Park over.

You may or may not be aware of the very strained relationship between the Residents of Sandy Bay Park and the old now defunct Management’s regime. The SBPRA made many attempts to improve this relationship over the years but constantly came up against a brick wall of non communication in return. This is why we ask RoyaleLife to communicate with all Residents ASAP.

At this time our Members have a distinct mistrust of the old Management regime and are very sceptical when it comes dealing with a new unknown Management. The SBPRA however, see this as a new opportunity for future cooperation and a chance to improve Park relations with a new Management structure.

To this end the SBPRA respectfully asks for an urgent meeting with RoyaleLife so that long overdue concerns can be discussed and progressed.

The SBPRA would like to assure RoyaleLife at this time that it is our utmost desire to work with them to Make Sandy Bay Park a flagship community.

Very Best Regards

Sandy Bay Park Resident Association
SBPRA Committee 

Once the Committee has been able to meet with representatives of RoyaleLife, we will request that RoyaleLife organise a meeting with all residents of Sandy Bay as soon as possible in order for them to present their future plans for Sandy Bay.

If you have not already visited the RoyaleLife Website, then please click on the link at the top of this notice to go to their website for more information about the company. (CAUTION: You will leave the SBPRA Website, the SBPRA is not responsible for the content of any other website visited).


10:57, 01 Apr 2022 by Kelvin Dimond