Members Update -18/03/2022


The Residents Associations (RA’s) Vice Chairman  Mr Gary Wakeling has recently visited the Sales Office and spoke directly to one of the Directors of Wilson and Woods. These are the Estate Agents who have taken over the responsibility for the sale of homes on the Park.

On speaking to the new sales team, it was confirmed that Lee and his team's contracts had come to an end  and had not been renewed. It was explained that this was to make the sales process more streamlined as they were now responsible for both the sale of the residents original homes and the purchase of their new Sandy Bay Bungalows. This makes perfect sense to the RA.  It is our opinion that there is no conspiracy theory behind this and we should not take this as a negative action.

The RA recognises, in this time of uncertainty, that some residents may be worried and are listening to unfounded rumours spreading on WhatsApp etc. The RA can only say at this time that we have not been made aware of any official confirmation if the Park has been sold or not sold. The RA will only pass on to its members confirmed updates. We ask homeowners to be patient with us and take no notice of rumours.

The RA has made an application to a First Level Tribunal in an effort to force Sandy Bay Management to legally recognise and agree to meet with the committee. SBM has repeatedly refused to do this since the new committee was formed mid 2021. This has made any progress on park issues very difficult but the RA has continued to pester SBM none the less. The latest update from the Tribunal is that they have written to SBM and given them until 24th March to respond before they in-force their decision. 


The RA will write to its members again once a decision is made and advised by the Tribunal & if we receive any pertinent news which is not hearsay.

11:31, 19 Mar 2022 by Kelvin Dimond