Park Health & Safety Walk Joint Inspections

As you are aware, in our original meeting with Sandy Bay Management (SBM), it was agreed that the SBPRA would take part in regular joint health and safety inspection walks in order to identify areas of concerns highlighted by our residents.

To this end, SBPRA are currently carrrying out inspection walks. Unfortunately Sandy Bay Management are not willing to join us, however we hope that they will realise that we take the subject of our residents health and safety seriously and that in the future they will take part in joint inspections as agreed. 

SBPRA have found on their inspection walks many areas of concern, mainly serious breaches in the security/safety fence, trip hazards in JKD, Mermaid Way and Clearwater drive to name a few. It was also noted that the fire hydrant identification signs were still missing from the top of Willowside, Elmside and Oakside even though these roads were completed over 18 months ago.

These issues are of serious concern to the SBPRA, who will in the spirit of cooperation with SBM and with the health and safety of our residents in mind, will be passing on to SBM, photographs we now have on file. We will also be asking for their comments and any remedial actions they can take to minimize these risks.

09:31, 11 Feb 2022 by Gary Wakeling