Sandy Bay Park Internet Service - Report Problems

If there are residents that are experiencing problems with their broadband service that they can't resolve themselves, then they must log the problems with the dedicated Sandy Bay Help Line on: 

                                               01268 923732

It is important that as much information as possible about your problem is given to the Help Line to enable the best course of action to be taken, see list for some typical examples:

Is it permanent or intermittent?

If permanent, how long has the problem existed?

Is it slow, locking up, or generally intermittent in operation?

Is it dependant on the time of day?

Are you aware if any neighbours are having similar problems?

What device were you using, e.g. computer, tablet, mobile phone or games  console?

Is it WIFI related and depends on where your device is in your house?

Were you downloading or uploading data, or streaming video?

Does it only occur with a specific application, e.g. watching Netflix, using email, etc?

If the issues can't be resolved by the Help Line or an Engineers visit then please advise Sandy Bay Management (SBM) by telephone or email if possible with a copy to the SBPRA describing your problems.

20:44, 02 Feb 2022 by Kelvin Dimond