Sandy Bay Park Internet Service - Update 02/02/2022

Dear All.

The first edition of the River Times e-magazine reported on investigations, that the Committee were carrying out on the private network internet service provided to residents by the Sandy Bay Management (SBM).

At the time we were waiting for information from SBM which we have now received and have listed below:

  1. Download speed: 20Mbps guaranteed.
  2. Upload speed: 20Mbps guaranteed.
  3. Typical speed: SBM advise it could be more than double the guaranteed speed.
  4. Service status: Sandy Bay private network will remain in place and there are no plans by SBM to allow other networks or service providers to use their private network. 

Effectively this means that you can not use any other cable or fibre based service unless SBM changes their policy. 

If a resident wants to move to a different service supplier then the only practical alternative at the moment is to use a mobile phone 4G or 5G  based system.

We will monitor the development of mobile internet networks in the area of Sandy Bay Park and keep residents updated.




19:59, 02 Feb 2022 by Kelvin Dimond