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Theatre Trips Essex

Company Background

A huge welcome from me, Nicola. I am a Mum, a multiple dog owner and very passionate about the West End Musicals.

My Dad started running successful Theatre trips in 1978. This was initially to raise money for the school PTA to provide a swimming pool at Montgomery Junior School, Benfleet, Essex.

I obtain excellent group rates with luxury coach travel included in all prices.

You will always have me or a member of my family on the coach with you on the day as your host.

I am really looking forward to meeting you on the coach soon.

What's Available?

(IMPORTANT: Theatre Trips Essex do not arrange events that include dog or horse racing.)

Click on the image below to navigate to the Theatre Trips Website.

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 On the website you will find the following information and much more:

  • Day Trips
  • Events
  • Minibreaks
  • How to open an account
  • How to purchase tickets
  • Terms and Conditions

What You Need to Know and How to Book 

Coach Pickup Locations

  • Theatre Trips Essex normally picks up people from their fixed pickup points. You will need to make your own arrangements to get to the pickup point in time to meet the coach.
    1. Walnut Tree - Southend
    2. Elms - Leigh, Hadleigh
    3. Sadlers - Benfleet
    4. Basildon - Five Bells

Coach Pickup from Sandy Bay Residential Park

  • Theatre Trips Essex can arrange a pickup from Sandy Bay Residential Park, if there are 45 or more people booked to go to the same event, show, etc.

How to Book and Purchase Tickets

  • IMPORTANT: Please purchase tickets directly from Theatre Tickets Essex website, the SBPRA does not offer a booking, payment, or support service for events, shows, etc., that are organised directly by Theatre Tickets Essex.
  • IMPORTANT: The Theatre Tickets Essex uses a secure website and online payment process.
  • If you have booked an event, etc., directly with Theatre Trips Essex, then please contact them if you have any queries. Please do not contact the Residents Association, unless you are experiencing genuine issues that you cannot resolve yourself. If you do require assistance, please email the Residents Association on  

Events Organised by Sandy Bay Park Residents Association

  • If an event is directly organised by the SBPRA in conjunction with Theatre Trips Essex, then information, details and updates will be published on the SBPRA Website and in emails to members.

Events Organised by Sandy Bay Residents

  • Providing the event, venue, location, etc meet the Theatre Trips Essex criteria (e.g., minimum of 45 people) then residents can request Theatre Trips Essex to organise the coach and tickets.
  • Please advise the Website Team and information and updates on your event wil be published on the website. 


Theatre Trips Schedule

  • Under normal circumstances the SBPRA will only publish information on events directly organised by the SBPRA/residents. Theatre Trips Essex schedules will be published on this page as they as they are made available to the SBPRA.

Theatre Trips Essex March 2024 to January 2025 Schedule (Added 23/01/2024)

  • To print a copy of the schedule, click on the image below to navigate to a pdf of the schedule.
  • If you want to browse the schedule, then scroll up to view the document.
  • This information will be updated with any new schedules supplied to the SBPRA by Theatre Trips Essex.


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 TTE Schedule 03-24 To 01-25 Page 1

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TTE Schedule 03-24 To 01-25